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Highest Quality

Video Production

For over 20 years the Freni name has been synonomous with the highest quality video and audio production. Nationally recognized award winning Producer Director, TV Personality, Videographer and Editor, Jim Freni, not only entertains, but brings a style and sensibility to all of his work that exhibits his real world training, unique creativity & attention to detail.

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This Silver Telly Award Winning Segment tells the story of one young woman learning to manage her disability, hrough the aid of horses.The Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Cold Spring facilitates her journey and her love for horses in the hope to one day ride again.

Featured Video: "Alex Rides Again"  

As Producer Director, my goal is to deliver the highest quality product, while bringing  a quirkiness and sensitivity to each project, that is signature to my style.

I bring versatility to every project. Like a chameleon I adapt to any situation without merely blending in... I stand out!  Quick wit and creativity lend themselves well to my charming but sarcastic style... so... if reality TV is your cup of tea.. they don't get any more real than me.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but what is in a song? Watch the movie Jaws with the sound off and tell me how scared you are of that giant robot shark...Spielberg you are awesome.. but John Williams scares the "Shark" out of me. Enjoy this original music composed, recorded and performed by Jim Freni

Original Programming: >>>

Through the Pine Bush Chronicles, series creator Jim Freni  helps us to understand the nature of the rampant UFO and paranormal phenomena that has been witnessed in the Greater Hudson Valley for centuries. We meet some residents who have had experiences, and determine  that  all of the sightings have similar symptoms... as the small rural town of Pine Bush, N.Y. headlines on the world stage as a hot bed of UFO  activity... earning it the title " The Roswell  of the Northeast."

As featured in Neighborhood Journal, Path to Survival Series Creator Jim Freni ventures deep into the woods along the majestic Hudson River to learn the 7 arrows of Survival from Mountain Scout Survival School Founder and Survival Expert Shane "White Feather" Hobel. Learning the skills our ancestors used not only to survive, but to live comfortably. Be prepared... your life may depend on it.

It's nearly a perfect sphere composed of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields...It accounts for over 99% of the total mass of our entire solar system...It is nearly 93 Million miles away, yet is the source for all life on Earth and...It keeps us grounded... with gravitas. So what better resource to harness for our energy, and give new meaning to the term... Starpower? Series creator Jim Freni takes us to the center of the Solar system as a handful of College Students harness the power of  our closest star.

Series creator Jim Freni takes to "the Big Show"... but it's along way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll.Begun in 2010 by indefatigable musical impresario Stephen Clair Local 845 is the small step, and the giant leap necessary to return the Hudson Valley music scene back to the scenery of Hudson Valley. With programs like Rock Band Boot Camp Clair is tapping into the most primitive aspects of musical collaboration. This is a chronicle of one band's climb from non-existence to notariaty.

As Mastermind of Beyond the Dome Productions in conjunction with Andy Pietroluongo of Devil May Care Productions, Jim Freni has artfully created a skit show in homage to such inspiring sketch comedy programs as The Kids in the Hall, the Ben Stiller Show,  Mr. Show with Bob and David, & Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job.

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