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Program Branding, Broadcast Elements, and Set Designs: Portable & Studio​

I was the Graphic Lead when I was a Senior Production Technician at Cablevision. I provided the Cablevision Local Programming Department with Original Program Branding, Station Identification, and On-Air Appearance for over a decade. Mindset: Just because it's  Local Programming...

doesn't mean it has to look like it.

 Program Branding & Design:
Program Branding & Design:
Local Guide & Station Identification Branding & Design:​

"Discussion of Betrayal" by Jim Freni  copyright 2003

​​Original Music from the Film Soundtrack "5 String Banjo "​​

All Rights Reserved by  Jim Freni ™ ℗ & © Copyright 2013 ​​

Portable / Mobile / Nomadic  Set Design:​
Effective Brand to Broadcast Campaign Design by Jim Freni :​
Original Feature Branding & Design
Plasma & Over the Shoulder Design & Layout by Jim Freni​:
Broadcast Event Branding & Design:​


Program Branding & Design:
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