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Custom Branding Campaign for Reel Reel Recruits Inc. & the Reel Recruits Mobile App:

Advertising & Digital Marketing:

Social Media & Web Design

Reel Recruits Merchandising Design:  

We live in a global marketplace where everything is bought or sold. For most,  practically and purpose determines the purchase but... it also has to look cool!

Original Programming Branding & Conceptualization:

International Branding Campaign for the Band All- Out War:

When the Band hit Europe they were armed  with not only a brand new album, but a brand new look. The imagery for me is inspired by old school metal albums conjuring images from Sabbath to Slayer. The tour even yielded some great T-Shirts  from alternate designs. My eyes were popping out of my head after creating this one, but well worth the experience of telling the story of this album with some memorable visuals. The themes may seem dark to some, and it is definitely not without flaw, but it still remains one of my greatest  and favorite personal triumphs.

​All Out War Merchandise >>>

T-Shirts sold in the USA and in Europe aligned with varyied esthetic sensibility.


First successful International

Branding Campaign


Jim Freni Holding a copy of All Out War's Condemned to Suffer in the World's largest record store, the Virgin Atlantic Record Store in Orlando Florida.

"Discussion of Betrayal" by Jim Freni  copyright 2003

​​Original Music from the Film Soundtrack "5 String Banjo "​​

All Rights Reserved by  Jim Freni ™ ℗ & © Copyright 2013 ​​

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