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Album Design & Packaging
























Growing up an avid music collector, I loved going to the store and sorting through the seemingly endless catalogues and collections (fronts and backs) of vinyl records, and even the various incarnations of cassette tape and compact disc packaging to see what visual addendums the musical artists have provided me with to further propel the identity of the music contained. Personally, the album art is equal to the musical content there-in...perhaps, even more so... because while the album may contain anywhere from 10-20 songs. the visual accompaniment is far more selective.

Branding & Identity​  

Always "Dress" to Impress!

A first impression could be your last impression- Make it count with creativity!

"Discussion of Betrayal" by Jim Freni  copyright 2003

​​Original Music from the Film Soundtrack "5 String Banjo "​​

All Rights Reserved by  Jim Freni ™ ℗ & © Copyright 2013 ​​

First Impressions= Last Impressions

Communicating is all about connecting with your audience. The first impression can make or break the initial "rhythm" of a new relationship with a potential customer or client. By maintaining the highest standard in visual production, and pairing it with the perfect estehtics and language, you can make a first impression become a lasting one. If you are an individual, group or buisness, when it comes to your identity -  my philosophy is that it  is always best to be "dressed" to impress.

Custom Logo Design

If a picture is worth 1000 words...

never leave your audience saying... 

blah, blah, blah.



Original Program, Feature  and Series Branding   There is something in a name or phrase that invokes a spirit, emotion, and a visual. Traversing to the visual is the journey in the creative process ...the finished product is the destination.

Merchandising Design    We live in a global marketplace where everything is bought or sold. For most,  practicality and purpose determines the purchase but... it also has to look cool!

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