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  It all began with a Fisher Price tape recorder I received as a gift when I was 6 or 7 years old. I finally held  within my hand a tool with the power to manipulate emotions by using sound and light.

  Ever since, my goal has been to deliver the highest quality product, while bringing a character and sensitivity to each project, signature to my style.

2012 Silver Telly Award Winner 

Alex Rides Again (2012) 
This 2012 Silver Telly Award Winning Segment tells the story of one young woman learning to manage her disability, with the aid of horses.The Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Cold Spring facilitates her journey and her love for horses in the hope to one day ride again.Produced by Jim Freni, Videography by Bill Husted , Editing by Bill Husted & Jim Freni

2013 Bronze Telly Award

I Left My Old Liver Down Under (2013)
A college student who is studying abroad is stricken gravely ill, upon her  arrival in Australia. Her parents must confront their worst fears as they their oldest daughter confronts a rare illness and a race against time, alone and on the opposite side of the world.

Dia: Beacon (2012)
This 2013 Bronze Telly Award Winning Segment takes you inside the world class Dia Art Foundation. Dia "arrives" and transforms the city of Beacon N.Y. by providing a catalyst for change and the impetus for the creative class to once again gravitate to this Hudson Valley riverfront community to flourish. Produced & Directed by Jim Freni, Videography by Dave Stuart, Editing by Andy Pidanick & Jim Freni

Hairdresser's Disco Ball &

Fantasy Hair Show (2013)

Behind the scenes for the biggest hair-raising event of the year...and fundraiser for  HVCS (Hudson Valley Community Services). Thanks to the 19 participating salons, Broadway comes to the runway - Hudson Valley style for a great cause. Produced by Jim Freni for Hudson Valley Hub, Videography by Bill Husted & Jim Freni,  Edited by Jim Freni

A Silver Lining (2013)

The Jewish Community Center of Dutchess County in Poughkeepsie celebrates the life of Sol Silver through the eyes of his children David Silver and Tina Lieberman. Sol's legacy and generosity lives on through his children and their vision for the community center to once again thrive, and serve all walks of life.

The Power of Now - American Science and Technology Center (2013)

This :90 Promo / Mini Documentary highlights the past, present and future work of the American Science and Technology Center.


Renaissance Faire  (2011)
Deep in the heart of Sterling Forest, magic rules the land, and magic is abound at every turn as the Renaissance Faire takes us through the Progress of Queen Elizabeth and a tale filled with romance and adventure.

The Business of Family (2012)

As one woman battles breast cancer, her life long dream of owning her own restaurant is put on the back burner. With family by her side, Faith becomes the Special of the Day, and it's  served up with a side of Hope, as we discover that the family business... is all about the business of family.

The Fabulous Marvelous Rexxaroo (2013) Cold Spring Author Helene Sola pens her first children's book, which benefits others in a  truly fabulous and  marvelous way!!!

(Pictured above: Helene Sola Author of "Loo Loo and the Fabulous Marvelous Rexxaroo" with Jean Marzollo author of  the " I Spy " series of Children's books.)

Kagyu Thubten Choling

Buddhist Monastery (2010)

A look inside the Monastic lifestyle of a Buddhist Community.

Hairdresser's Disco Ball & Fantasy Hair Show (2012)

Behind the scenes and on the runway for the premier Hair & Makeup  extravaganza of the year. ARCS (Aids Related Community Services)  celebrated this year's Hairdresser's Disco Ball and Fantasy Hair Show at Shadows on the Hudson. ARCS promotes  a better quality of life for those living  with and effected by HIV/ AIDS, and thanks to its creator's dream,... the fantasy has become a reality.

Edgar Allan Poe (2011)
A  glimpse inside the mind of  Edgar Allan Poe. Revelations of the man behind the macabre by Tony McGowan, Professor of English Literature at West Point.

Hudson Valley Community Acupuncture (2010) 
Explore the history and benefit of acupuncture as we visit a clinic that makes this ancient therapy affordable for the entire community.

Winter Blues (2011)
It may be cold outside, but the house is burning down at the Hyde Park Brewing Company...  Every Wednesday night they have an open mic  blues jam where anyone can take the stage and just ...shake it loose.

Hospice A Sporting Life (2011) 
Against the backdrop of a changing season, and their annual fundraising event, Hospice recognizes those who embody the spirit of, and help to make the work the organization does possible..

Good Morning Garrison (2010)
A 5th grade class in Garrison, N.Y. prepares a morning News Broadcast everyday...and still manages to get to the rest of their school work done... Look out FOX News!!!

Locust Grove (2010)
Necessity once again proves to be the mother of invention, as a music pioneer is celebrated against the backdrop of another famous Artisan/Inventor's home. The Music of Django Reinhardt is performed by the Metropolitan Hot Club as part of the Locust Grove summer concert series at the Samuel F.B. Morse Estate.

The Lee Avenue Haunting 2012
What do we like about being scared? Self published author and paranormal Investigator Donna Parish Bischoff reveals the origin of her interest in the paranormal, as her child experiences in Wetchester, N.Y.  blossomed into a full fledged obsession with the "strange".

Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast (2011)
Outstanding Community members are recognized for their service  at the annual Martin Luther King Jr.

Operation Cookie Drop (2012)
See what the Girl Scouts of America are doing to support our troops.

Safe Haven: Helping Hands for the Homeless (2011)
Under cover of night.... in the cold dead of winter... the homeless find safe haven ...and a helping hand.

H.E.A.R.T. Program (2012)
Therapy dogs bring comfort to patients in a nursing home living with Alzheimer's Disease.

Dog Tag Art Exhibition (2010)
The artistic side of America's heroes is showcased as the Arts Council of Rockland County presents the Dog Tag Art Exhibition to honor our veterans.

Dance Festival (2011)
Faculty  and Students at Vassar Road Elementary School immersed themselves in other cultures with a little help from The Vanaver Caravan.

Graymoor (2011) 
The Franciscan Friars of Atonement  at Graymoor believe in second chances.Their founders, Father Paul Wattson and Mother Lurana White, made a covenant with God to start the Society of the Atonement in order to make humanity at one with itself and at one with God. For His part, God gave them Graymoor, the Mount of the Atonement, as a place to start their mission of reconciliation.

Autism Walk (2011)
1 in 88 Children will be diagnosed with Autism this year. There is no definitive cause for this disease that has a spectrum of effects. Awaresness, Fundraising  and support for victims and families is what the Annual Dutchess County Walk and Expo aims to accomplish year after year.

Dutchess County Executive Arts Awards (2011)
Dutchess County Executive Arts Awards

Rebuilding Together (2012)

A non-profit organization helps a wounded Gulf War veteran and his mother rebuild their home and their lives, by bringing them to a state that is warm safe and dry. That is what Rebuilding Together does for and with the community in honor of a Hero at Home.

Gowanus Music Club (2012)
An after school music program in Brooklyn teaches kids discipline and teamwork, and  does it by teaching them to  ROCK! Look out Jack Black!!!

Bannerman Island (2011)
It's very easy to see from the southbound train heading from the Hudson Valley to Grand Central Station via Metro North. A Scottish castle which once served as an arsenal, smack in the middle of the Hudson River ...and it is the backdrop as Jim Freni ventures to Pollepel Island with Neil Caplan of the Bannerman Island Trust for an exclusive and historic island tour.

Anti- Bullying Youth Summit (2012)

Facilitated by the Mediation Center of Dutchess County, students from various local schools gather to participate in a dialogue about the day to day challenges we are faced with in an ever changing world.

The 75th Birthday of Social Security (2011) A celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Social Security program at the home of it's mastermind President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Walk for Hearing (2011) 
Mid Hudson Walk for Hearing is a fundraising and awareness event that helps to make resources and information available for those living with hearing loss in a world of full sound.

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies (2010)

Pefecting the self through holistic study and sustainable living.

American Heart Association Heartwalk (2011)
Every Year the American Heart Association of Dutchess County honors community members who have battled matters of the heart..

Arts Westchester Free Arts Day (2012)  Arts Westchester is giving it all away... well at least for one day each year...50 Arts Events in 21 locations..that is an absolute a free for all !

Hudson Valley Outdoor Adventure Expo (2012)
The Hudson Valley Outdoor Adventure Expo has all the "play" that the Hudson Valley can handle. Working in conjunction with Dutchess County Tourism, this expo offers tourists and residents a central location to discover all of the outdoor adventure activities he Greater Hudson Valley has to offer.

Patchett House Paranormal Investigation (2011)
Two Paranormal Investigative groups (Indy Para & Poughkeepsie Paranormal) team up to tackle the mysteries of the Patchett House in Montgomery New York.

Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival (2011)
This year the Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival is making some wishes come true by going all out to share  the miracle of the holiday season.

Rock Band Boot Camp Part 1 (2011)

This series chronicles the transition of a rock band that never was, into one that is. Through dedication, focus, and a love for music, students and teachers grow more in tune with each other, on their way to "the big show".


Remembering Bob With Laughter 
 A sister and brother celebrate their father's life with laughter, as stand-up comedians help to raise funds to benefit the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

Rock Band Boot Camp Part 2 (2011)

This series chronicles the transition of a rock band that never was, into one that is. Through dedication, focus, and a love for music, students and teachers grow more in tune with each other, on their way to "the big show".


Rock Band Boot Camp Part 3 (2011)

This series chronicles the transition of a rock band that never was, into one that is. Through dedication, focus, and a love for music, students and teachers grow more in tune with each other, on their way to "the big show".


Elder Abuse Awareness Day (2012)
Under the Auspices of the Mediation Center of the Ducthess County , the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Forum helps to educate the community about protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

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