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     Begun in 2010 by indefatigable musical impresario Stephen Clair and his band of brothers and sisters, from Brooklyn to Beacon, Local 845 has been serving up special orders time and time again... helping to fill the hungry bellies of starved music lovers from all across the Hudson Valley. The Music scene is back in the Hudson Valley... and even the DJs are included. Local 845 is the small step, and the giant leap necessary to return the Hudson Valley music scene back to the scenery of Hudson Valley. Check out their greatest hits including The Beacon Music Factory, Rock Band Boot Camp, In the Pines (Concert Series at University Settlement Camp in Beacon) and of course the outdoor music festival tour de force...Beacon Riverfest.



Dutchess County Executive Arts

Awards (2012) Every year the Dutchess County Arts Council honors outstanding members of the Arts community .







Rock Band Boot Camp Part 1 (2011)

Rock Band Boot Camp Part 2 (2011)

     Rockband Boot Camp is a Reality-Short Series created by Jim Freni which focusses on a program featured at the Beacon Music Factory.

     This series chronicles the transition of a rock band that never was, into one that is. Through dedication, focus, and a love for music, students and teachers grow more in tune with each other, on their way to "the big show".

​Produced and Directed by Jim Freni

Videography by Bill Husted, Brian Dyke & Jim Freni

Editing by Bill Husted & Jim Freni

Rock Band Boot Camp Part 3 (2011)

Beacon Music Factory (2012)

It's not every day that a new music school opens up right in your backyard, but for the City of Beacon, the creative culture keeps getting louder and louder, constantly proving that you just can't stop the music. What better place to manufacture a musical future... than in a factory?



All Rights Reserved by  Jim Freni ™ ℗ & © Copyright 2013 ​​

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