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"I do appreciate that this one has a giant moustache"

                HV Maritime Museum (2011)

"It doesn't feel like blood is exiting my body or anything.


My Bloody Valentine (2011)

   " Good Knife & Good Luck."

                               CIA Knife Skills (2012)

Video: The Pine Bush Chronicles Part 2 " Festivale"

Hairdresser's Disco Ball &

Fantasy Hair Show (2013)

Behind the scenes for the biggest hair-raising event of the year...and fundraiser for  HVCS (Hudson Valley Community Services). Thanks to the 19 participating salons, Broadway comes to the runway - Hudson Valley style for a great cause. Produced by Jim Freni for Hudson Valley Hub, Videography by Bill Husted & Jim Freni,  Edited by Jim Freni

Taste of the Hudson Valley (2012)

Cast aside your stereotypes of snooty wine and food festivals as Jim Freni samples his way through Taste of the Hudson Valley, St. Francis Hospital and Health Center's largest and most delicious fundraising event of the year.

​CIA Knife Skills (2012)

Jim Freni cuts through everything, as he slices and dices his way through a Knife Skills Class at the Culinary Institute of America. Will his razor sharp wit keep him a cut above the rest when it comes to his technique in the kitchen?

Ti Yogi Bowmen (2012)
It may sound like some secret order of bow wielding assassins, but It's actually just an archery club in Hyde Park N.Y. with a rich history that oddly includes First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Jim Freni strings us along for a first hand look at the Ti Yogi Bowmen.

Mount Beacon Fire Tower (2011)
Jim Freni journeys onward and upward to the top of Mount Beacon in N.Y. for a bird’s eye view of the majestic Hudson River... and he may just conquer his fear of heights as he ascends the historical Fire Tower which is perched at the highest peak in the Hudson Valley.

My Bloody Valentine (2011) 
Jim Freni shares the love and gives from the heart… literally, as he  reminds us that we can unleash the inner hero within us all if we donate blood.

Kids Expo (2011)
Jim Freni unleashes his inner 6 year old at the  Kid's Expo at the Mid Hudson Children's Museum... but he has a little help from his friends.

Apple Picking at Fishkill Farms (2011) 
Jim Freni takes us inside the Hudson Valley harvest ritual of plucking golden delicious fruit from the trees at Fishkill Farms.

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival (2011)
Vampires beware!!! Jim Freni finds an entire festival dedicated to the greatest repellent of all... and it's not Holy water.

Hudson Valley Maritime Museum (2011)
What better place to examine the history of the Hudson River, than right along it's banks. Jim Freni dives in to the nostalgia of this museum located on Kinston, N.Y. 's  Historic Rondout Landing.

Winterfest (2012) 
Jack Frost move over, because Jim Freni is re-defining winter by challenging his taste buds with a little heat... and some chestnuts of course.

The National Guitar Museum (2011)
There is no place like home... there is no place like home, and as the National Guitar Museum searches for a permanent one, Jim Freni rocks out on the exhibits at the Discovery and Science Museum in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Cookie Walk (2011)
Love is in the air... Love Inc. that is, and they are helping Jim Freni find some sweets for his sweetheart...but this lovin comes by the pound, and it's all for a geat cause.

Innisfree Garden (2011)
Jim Freni takes us to Innisfree Garden for an afternoon of looking inward.. by looking outward.

Red Cross CPR Training (2011)

The American Red Cross is  a household name when it comes to disaster relief, personal safety and the well being of of those in each community they serve. By offering classes they help to educate everyday citizens with the tools necessary to handle his/her own emergencies.

Brooklyn Boulders (2012)

What is bouldering..and why is it happening in Brooklyn? Brooklyn Boulders,  an indoor Climbing Gym in Brooklyn poses unique puzzles for people to climb? Jim Freni is Rockin out on the ropes? Is it really Robert Farula's Birthday? Lance Pinn says if you can climb a ladder you can climb a rock wall? Whaaa? All questions will be answered...

Two Racquet Tennis (2012)

Jim Freni introduces us to Dr. Don Mueller a quirky Professor with a propensity for duality. He explains why two is better than one on the tennis court, as he asks us to make the quantum leap by doubling down..

​The Pine Bush Chronicles Part 2 : "Festivale" (2011)

The 2nd installment in "The Pine Bush Chronicles" Series begins with a crash landing of a very "strange" kind, which sets in motion a chain of events that ultimately leads to the apparent mind control of the entire town.



Hudson Valley Ribfest (2010)

Jim Freni gets down to the bare bones business of BBQ, and what it takes to compete and judge a a national barbecue competition, as he takes a behind the scenes look at the Hudson Valley Ribfest, and the meat and potatoes of  America’s most succulent secret  … one which definitely stick to your ribs.

Pow Wow On The Hudson (2010)

A Traditional native American Pow-Wow has the Hudson Valley and Jim Freni dancing to the pulse of  Mother Nature's heartbeat,  as  respect and understanding of other cultures is celebrated by all.

Hudson Valley Horrors (2010)

To be a Roller Derby Girl means you have to be rough tough and disciplined, but having a Kick A** Alter Ego  does hurt. Jim Freni intoduces us to the girls next door...who aren't really the girl's next door very afraid... you are about to be Horror-Fied!!!

Storm King  Art Center (2011) 
It may appear that Alien creatures have landed along the New York State Thruway at the base of Storm King Mountain, but Jim Freni reminds us that it's actually an outdoor Art exhibit that is truly out of this world.

Eastchester St. Patrick's Parade (2010)
They say on St. Patrick’s Day everbody is Irish… Jim Freni finds out the truth as he immerses himself in green and  celebrates with the Town of Eastchester and it’s duel Grand Marshals.

Rockland Boulders Stadium (2011)
As if the grand opening of a brand new baseball stadium isn't enough of a big deal...What if that stadium and it's new team were  rockin' it,  right in your backyard? Jim Frreni takes us on an exclusive tour of the Rockland Bouldrs Stadium in Pomona N.Y.


Renaissance Faire  (2011)
Deep in the heart of Sterling Forest, magic rules the land, and magic is abound at every turn as the Renaissance Faire takes us through the Progress of Queen Elizabeth and a tale filled with romance and adventure.

The Apple Pie Bakery Cafe at the Culinary Institute of America (2011)
Jim Freni takes us to the front and back of the house to explore the flavors, the discipline, and the artisanship of this unique restaurant that is also...a classroom.

Beekeeping (2011)
Jim Freni explores the world of backyard beekeeping and hive maintenance.

Dia: Beacon (2012)
The world class Dia Art Foundation transforms the city of Beacon N.Y. by providing a catalyst for change and the impetus for the creative class to once again gravitate to this Hudson Valley riverfront community to flourish.

Dia: Beacon Outtake

    "Vest " (2012)

  Dia: Beacon Outtake

"Body Weights"(2012)

 Dia: Beacon Outtake "Like a Flower"(2012)

Bannerman Island (2011)
It's very easy to see from the southbound train heading from the Hudson Valley to Grand Central Station via Metro North. A Scottish castle which once served as an arsenal, smack in the middle of the Hudson River ...and it is the backdrop as Jim Freni ventures to Pollepel Island with Neil Caplan of the Bannerman Island Trust for an exclusive and historic island tour.

Clarkstown Environmental Summit   

       Part 1 Joan Gussow (2011)

Day of Service (2011)
Jim Freni pitches in with folks from Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester counties to remind us all that the true legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is about service to others

Clarkstown Environmental Summit  

   Part 2  Transitional Meat (2011)

Riverbank Banjo Band (2010)
The perfect marriage of Italian food and Banjo music? You have to see this to believe it! Every Monday night like clockwork an army of Banjo playing assassins performs at Umberto's of Mama Marissa Italian  American Restaurant in Poughkeepsie New York to a cult of followers and newbies alike, who just happen to enjoy a little twang with their spaghetti and meatballs...and it's all for a great cause! 

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