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Who am I? What do I like? Why do you Care?

If you already know me, you know I love entertaining and being entertained. One of my favorite things to do  is to quote dialogue from my favorite (and not-so-favorite) films and television programs. This may seem nerdy, and even a  bit of a simple minded and isolated hobby ( Observation: I can say that I do this with almost all of my male friends, but my female friends don't seem  as interested...the reason for this? I do not yet have an answer.) but in my mind, it is direct testament to the influence of the power of words and messages. We label everything in our lives... why wouldn't we brand our thoughts with certain dialogue that was designed to invoke...because after all , isn't that what all art does?...Invoke???

Here are some of my favorites quotes:

Superman 1978
Miss Tessmocker- " Tell me something Lex ... why do so many people have to die for the crime of the century? 
Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman)- "You ask why?... Why does the phone always ring when you're in the bathtub? Why is the most diabolically brilliant leader of our time surrounding himself with total nincompoops?

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