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   It's nearly a perfect sphere composed of hot plasma interwoven with magnetic fields...It accounts for over 99% of the total mass of our entire solar system...It is nearly 93 Million miles away, yet is the source for all life on Earth and...It keeps us grounded... with gravitas. So what better resource to harness for our energy, and give new meaning to the term... Starpower?
  Series creator Jim Freni takes us to the center of the Solar system as a handful of College Students harness the power of  the source of life on the Planet Earth.

created for Neighborhood Journal  by Jim Freni

American Solar Challenge Part 2 :


Students of varying disiplines from the State Univeristy of New York at New Paltz ( S.U.N.Y. New Paltz) in conjunction with with innovators of Solar Energy technology and TSEC (The Solar Energy Consortium) reach for the stars as they design, build, and race a vehicle powered entirely by the Sun. In Part 2 of  the American Solar Challenge Series, the students take things to the next level as they aim to overcome some vehicle weaknesses and compete in the Formula Sun Grand Prix qualifying race.

Written, Produced & Directed by Jim Freni, Editing & Sound Design by Bill Husted & Jim Freni, Videography by Bill Husted, Victor Vargas, Justin Shumway, & Jim Freni

All Rights Reserved by  Jim Freni ™ ℗ & © Copyright 2013 ​​

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